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Blockchain, ICO, VR, AI — these are the hottest trends of 2017. There are talks of an absolutely efficient, hundred percent blockchain-based and “uberized” new economy. But let’s consider what economy actually involves: economy is not only about fancy tech firms, it is not only about Silicon Valley and Mekong River delta, it is much more about manufacturing, industrial production and thousands of real-sector enterprises spread all-over the world.

In the newly forming divide, out of all the companies on the ICO market, the industrial sector is being left out. This is a shame, because we know that manufacturing can be made much more efficient with the help of blockchain-based technologies: A. Spielman from MIT argues that blockchain can potentially rebuild the real-estate industry and Abeyratne and Monfared from Loughborough University claim blockchain can turn transparency and traceability in supply chains, both highly anticipated features, into a reality.

But do you know many industrial enterprises using blockchain? Have you seen an ICO white-paper of a real-sector company? There isn’t a single “hot” ICO of an industrial enterprise.

Why is this happening? Industrial sector products are surely facing a similar or higher demand than most tech companies. Instead, the reasons lie in the unawareness about ICOs, in the absence of high-level IT specialists, in founders who are not well known in the tech community.

So here is a task: we need to find an easy and transparent way to help the industrial sector use the value of tokens. This solution will help make the “new economy” more balanced: not only trendy tech, but also tech-using manufacturers.

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And we have found a solution! The Proof-of-Asset Protocol allows us to tokenize everything: cars, real estate, art, institutional infrastructure. Tokens are sold on the market at the highest speed possible. And that means you will earn more money.

Imagine you have a used car, one that you want to sell. If you sell it the usual way, it will take ages: the buyer will always suspect you of trying to swindle him. He will do test drives, ask for all the documents, take his friends to look at the car and even then may eventually refuse to buy it. Furthermore, even if you have a car in good condition, you will still probably have to sell it for a lower price than it absolutely deserves. It is like re-selling an iPhone which was bought yesterday: the value is the same (unless you broke it overnight) but the price you get is 30–40 percent less.

Let’s take another example. You are an owner of a business-project, and you come across the problem of your business being underfinanced. The problem is that you don’t have access to the capital. It can take many days to sign all the papers to hand in to banks. But we have a solution: with the help of our Proof-of-Asset Protocol the owner of a business can tokenize it. Then, he gets access to capitals and markets from all the world within seconds.

Using the Proof-of-Asset-Protocol helps totally avoid these time consuming methods of getting access to capitals or to markets, to get the opportunity to audit your asset and sell it or get a loan. And this procedure can be performed with any object or business possible: a sculpture, an old house, a farm or a chemical plant. The idea of smart contracts used in the Proof-of-Asset-Protocol allows operation on a whole new levels of trust. Smart contact is a hard commitment, if someone cheats, the system automatically reverses the contract and punishes the cheater. No police, no courts — if there is a problem, your money returns immediately.

This protocol is a formative initiative for the industrial sector: the first companies to use it will boost the pace of their business enormously. Our work is aimed at helping real-sector, non-technology companies increase their performance to the same level of efficiency as firms operating in the sphere of blockchain and ICOs. If you want to use the value of cryptocurrencies without hiring an expensive team of IT professionals — smart contracts are the way to go. Latest technology has to be implemented in every sector of economy, not just in Silicon Valley!

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