BANKEX Advisor Chris Skinner’s vision of a new digital future

Igor Khmel (on the left) and Chris Skinner

We are starting a series of articles introducing the people who help BANKEX forge a new blockchain reality.

First in our cycle is BANKEX Advisor, chairman of The Financial Services Club, Chris Skinner — one of the most influential people in the banking field according to The Financial Brand, FinTech Titan (New Bank), one of the five most influential leaders of informational security on the BankInfoSecurity list. The Financial Chris Skinner is a financial expert and is a permanent expert for BBC, Sky News, CNBC and Bloomberg. He is also the author of the blog at, where he talks about fintech and financial markets.

We are proud to have Chris Skinner as BANKEX’s Advisor.

According to Chris Skinner, society is at the beginning of a new technological order — the early stages of a financial/digital revolution. This will mean changes to people’s common lifestyles, and in the principles of work and business. In his work, Skinner describes a transition from traditional business-models to the digital age. Contemporary reality, has been shaped by rapid technological changes affecting every aspect of daily life. The world around us is changing, costs of traditional financial services are lowering and barriers to entry are disappearing. Mobile internet alters the dynamics of consumer and corporate relations, and therefore requires new banking products.[1]

Chris Skinner is one of the few specialists developing and solidifying a vision of a digital future today. Financial regulators and governmental entities are having trouble quickly adapting to the rapid digitization of the global economy driven by new technologies. Blockchain technologies force central banks to consider issuing national cryptocurrencies, creating totally new terms and concepts, such as Bank-as-a-Service (BaaS). Using a combination of mobile technologies and blockchain, commercial banks can switch to the digital bank model and release new banking products aimed at 21st century consumers. For financial organizations transition to the digital level means a gradual disappearance of traditional banks and old methods and infrastructures of payment services. Banks that are unable to keep pace with fintech will have a hard time surviving in the new competitive environment.

Chris Skinner describes [2] a financial model of machine to machine trading, using the Internet of Things — another tendency that may change our lives completely. You want to go home, but the car takes you to the store, because when it “synchronized” with the fridge back home, it found out you have run out of milk. The safety of using the Internet of Things concerns the scientific community of the leading research centers.[3] The transfer of money and cards to contact-free, mobile and biometric payments are only the first steps towards a time when financial decisions are made by machines and society becomes truly “cash free”. The world is moving away from traditional currencies to trading value entirely in the growing digital universe.

Advisor Chris Skinner has made a significant contribution to the popularization of decentralized liquidity control systems for intellectual assets.

BANKEX expresses its heartfelt gratitude for his support and guidance in forming the concept of the BankEx Proof-of-Asset protocol.

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