BANKEX and Crefolio Corp. have reached an agreement to establish a BANKEX Korea office in Seoul

BANKEX is a global blockchain company bridging the gap between the emerging blockchain sector and traditional finance. BANKEX uses standardized fintech solutions and its flagship proprietary product — the Proof-of-Asset Protocol to provide optimal liquidity for real-world assets by converting them into “Smart Assets”.

BANKEX is rated as TOP50 of the world’s financial IT startups. The BANKEX token sale is one of the most anticipated token sales of 2017 according to Entrepreneur magazine.

Capitalizing on BANKEX’s expertise in blockchain technology, BANKEX Korea is looking to expand its market presence in the highly dynamic Korean market to build its brand for its plan to expand into South-East Asia and the Middle East. BANKEX Korea will help raise funds locally as well as support local customers realize their objectives.

With Crefolio Corp’s close relationship with asset management companies, venture capitals and security companies, BANKEX Korea will be able to tap into institutional clients as well as their infrastructure to help brand, raise capital and serve Korean clients.

The managing partner of BANKEX Korea will be Hope Lee, a Harvard University graduate with over 15 years of investment banking experience all over Asia. His experience includes real estate, private equity, hedge fund, venture capital and project financing.

BANKEX is having its public token sale scheduled for 28 November while having special terms for accredited investors.

BANKEX is building a strong community in Korea that readers can join on Telegram

BANKEX is available at:

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